In the framework of the "Passion in Action" PoliMI initiative, in 2018 the Course of Studies in Aerospace Engineering started a new course called UAV Lab.
UAV Lab, organised and managed by ASCL, is an extra-curricular course of 24 hours aimed at the following objectives:
  • to introduce the students to the system-level architecture of a small-scale UAV, covering mechanical, aerodynamic, electrical, computer engineering and control aspects;
  • to illustrate how a small-scale UAV is designed
  • to have each group of students work on the design of a small-scale UAV based on assigned requirements
  • to have the students construct and fly the designed UAVs.

The 2018/2019 edition of the course took place in the period September-November 2018, in the DAER Fly-ART facility, see here for details about the organisation of the course and the obtained results.

The 2019/2020 edition of the course will take place in the period February-March 2020, again in the Fly-ART facility. For the second edition of the Lab, a group of 15 students will be enrolled - detailed information can be found here.

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