Thesis topics

Students interested in developing their Master thesis within ASCL can find hereafter a list of topics which are currently of interest and we plan to work on at the MSc level in the near future. Thesis topics are sorted by area for clarity.

Systems and Control

Model identification

Data-driven control design methods

Data analysis for maneuver classification

LPV modelling, simulation, control

Structured mu-synthesis

Adaptive control


Aerospace Systems and Control Applications

Preliminary design for conventional and multirotor rotorcraft systems

Object-oriented modelling and simulation of rotorcraft systems

Vision-based navigation for multirotor UAVs

Robust adaptive control for UAVs

Fault-tolerant control for UAVs

Rotorcraft vibration control systems

Magnetic attitude control of spacecraft

Openings for thesis at Leonardo Helicopters, on the development and verification of new FCS functions


 Experimental activities

Design and prototyping of multirotor UAV platforms

Design and prototyping of fixed-wing UAV platforms

Development of a general approach for drone impact (in cooperation with Prof. Astori and Prof. Airoldi)



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