Master students

R. Canola: Uncertainty quantification in the conceptual design of multirotors

F. Cavagnini: Hybrid control for spacecraft attitude dynamics

C. Ghezzi: Data analysis and system identification for drone-based laboratory equipment

A. Della Libera: Iterative adaptive learning control of UAVs

V. Donatone: Transfer learning in Iterative Learning Control

A. Gonzalez Carvajal: Adaptive control for FDIR in spacecraft attitude control

G. Lizza: Dynamic scaling for model identification of multirotor UAVs

D. E. Luna Sanchez: Optimisation of reference models for data-driven controller tuning

F. Marzagalli: Model-reference anti-windup for UAV fight control

V. Pizzi: Attitude and position estimation for a multirotor UAV

S. Podda: Data-driven UAV flight control law design

G. Sala: Robust learning-based tracking control

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