Master students

N. Battaini: Design and prototyping of a VTOL UAV

R. Canola: Uncertainty quantification in the conceptual design of multirotors

L. Carcione: Attitude and position estimation for a 2 DoF drone

L. Curzi: Library for spacecraft dynamics and control

N. Damino: Vision-based air-to-air landing for multirotor UAVs

G. De Vecchi Forward-flighr model identification of multirotor UAVs

G. Fontanarosa: Autonomous UAV guidance

G. Fumai: Structured model identification with application to UAV dynamics

G. Lo Bue Oddo: Collision avoidance for multirotor UAVs

W. Nguemen: Adaptive control for quadrotor flight in ground effect

R. M. Padmakumar: Multirotor UAV design

M. Padovani: Multirotor inversion-based control in forward flight

F. Pisano: Coupled balancing and attitude control for spacecraft with rotating payloads

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