PhD students

Meiliwen Wu: System identification, control, and dynamics analysis of a small-scale compound helicopter

Mattia Giurato: Design, integration and control of multirotor UAV platforms

M. Farooq Haydar: Nonlinear H filtering for attitude estimation problems in aircraft and spacecraft control

Davide Invernizzi: Geometric tracking control of underactuated and thrust vectoring UAVs

Pietro Panizza: Data-driven attitude control system design for multirotor systems

Simone Panza: Structured flight control law design for helicopters and tiltrotors

Roberto Mura: Active control of vibrations in helicopters

Fabio Riccardi: Identification and control of rotorcraft UAVs


Master Students


L. Bendinelli: Model reference adaptive control strategies for tiltable propellers UAVs

F. Chiarlo: A statistical analysis of position and attitude estimation errors in visual odometry

S. Dangelo: Data analysis and system identification for fleet-level drone modeling

G. Fiore: Development of a tool for Mission Task Elements simulation

S. Lattuada: Preliminary sizing of hybrid-electric VTOL UAVs

N. Martello: Modelling and integration of an eVTOL UAV

G. Mazzola: A survey of technologies and regulations for Urban Air Mobility

M. Padovani: A deep reinforcement learning-based algorithm for exploration planning

M. Passaro: Identification of a flapping-wing micro aerial vehicle using subspace methods

F. Pisano: Coupled balancing and attitude control for spacecraft with rotating payloads

R. Rubinacci: Integrated active and passive rotorcraft vibration control



N. Battaini: Design and dynamic modeling of a VTOL UAV

K. Bstaoros: Kalman filtering for UAV navigation using optical flow

L. Carcione: Attitude and position estimation for a 2 DoF drone

F. Carloni: A norm-optimal Kalman iterative learning control for precise UAV trajectory tracking

L. Curzi: Design, implementation and application of a library for spacecraft dynamics and control

N. Damino: Autonomous landing based on computer-vision fiduciary markers

G. Fontanarosa: Algorithms for 3D UAV planning

G. Fumai: Accuracy analysis of PBSIDopt-H-infinity for multirotor UAVs model identification

P. Ghignoni: Anti-windup design for position and attitude control of quadrotor UAVs

W. Nguemen Djonkoua: Model-reference adaptive control of the vertical dynamics of a multirotor UAV

A. Visintini: Trajectory optimization for UAV-aided communication



U. Arshad: Adaptive control implementation to include ground effect on UAV simulator

N. Buratti: Decentralised LMI-based anti-windup for quadrotor UAVs

D. Casu: Multi-rate navigation filter for vision-based autonomous space rendezvous with non-cooperative targets

D. Copeta Saccomani: A flight mode management and set point generation system for UAV flight control

A. Gatti: Modelling, identification and control of a fixed-wing UAV

G. Gozzini: UAV autonomous landing on a moving aerial vehicle

S. Meraglia: Adaptive control for the design of active balancing systems

D. Migliore: Structured model identification for multirotor UAVs

M. Pioli: Solar Array Drive Mechanism disturbance simulation

G. Roggi: Vision-based pilot support system for multirotor PV plant inspection

A. Zangarini: Data-driven multivariable attitude control design for multirotor UAV platforms



G. Bressan: Hardware/software architecture, code generation and control for multirotor UAVs

P. Giuri: Air-to-air automatic landing for multirotor UAVs

M. Maccotta: Multirotor UAVs for fugitive emissions detection: sizing, modelling and control system design

A. Marini Cossetti: Air-to-air automatic landing for multirotor UAVs

G. Modugno: LMI-Based robust adaptive control continous and discrete time formulations and applications

S. Musacchio: Optimal and robust UAV state estimation based on Gps and optical flow



F. Alberton: Trajectory generation for formations of multirotor UAVs

F. Bellesia: Realization of intelligent systems for the observation, identification and classification of geostationary and low orbit satellites

S. Capocchiano: Data-driven control for multirotor UAVs

L. Capoferri: Formation control with collision-avoidance capability for a multi-quadrotor system using Model Predictive Control

D. Carelli: Nonlinear attitude and position control for a quadrotor UAV

D. Chevallard: Design, identification and control of a micro aerial vehicle

T. Chupin: Data-driven attitude control design for multirotor UAVs

F. Cisaria: Extended Kalman filtering for attitude determination

A. Delbono: Consensus based control for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle formation

S. Farì: Guidance and control for a fixed-wing UAV

B. Fichera: Spiking Neural Network controller for flight stabilization of a microrobotic bee

G. La Nave: Waypoints zemzev feedback guidance for multi-spiral, long-duration low thrust transfers

N. Olivo: Atmospheric turbulence estimation for helicopter flight control system design

R. Ruggiero: Waypoints-optimized zem/zev closed loop guidance for spacecraft rendezvous in relative motion frame

R. Salbati: Ground effect compensation for multicopter UAV

R. Secci: Robust multivariable attitude control for a tilt-rotor aircraft in different operating conditions



F. Corradi: Controllo d'assetto dell'elicottero: l'effetto della dinamica dei servoattuatori

A. De Angelis: Software architecture, estimators and control for multirotor UAVs

A. De Bortoli: Motion estimation on unmanned aerial vehicles

D. Del Cont Bernard: Ground effect analysis for a quadrotor platform

D. Di Bacco: Distance control from vertical surfaces of a multirotor uav designed for structural health monitoring of civil infrastructures

E. Fathi: Attitude and position control for a small scale quad-tiltrotor

M. Ferronato: Identificazione e controllo della dinamica verticale di un elicottero quadrirotore

C. Micheli: Design, identication and control of a tiltrotor quadcopter UAV

 A. Russo: Adaptive control of multirotor UAVs

A. Sorbelli: Software architecture, estimators and control for multirotor UAVs



D. Ho Duc: Robust harmonic control an application to structural vibration reduction in helicopters

L. Guastalla: Robust multivariable attitude control for a tilt rotor aircraft

B. Roda: Robust multivariable attitude control for a tilt rotor aircraft

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