Experimental activities

  • Study of estimation and control problems for multirotor UAVs
  • Experimental validation of new modelling, identification and control technologies
  • Development of innovative multirotor platforms

The Fly-ART facility:

Indoor facility including 290m3 flight space covered by a 3D motion capture system (OptiTrack):

Can be used to prototype:

  • New UAV concepts;
  • New subsystems, e.g., guidance, navigation and control systems.

Both for single and formation flight for small UAVs




TOW: 1.5kg;
Flight time: 10‘;
Payload: 500g;
Suitable as platform for control research and education.



4+4 control variables (rotor rpms + rotor tilt angles);
Full control of 6 DoFs;
Significantly better performance in precise positioning.



TOW: Approx. 200g;
Flight time: 10‘;
Well below ENAC 300 g threshold for regulation-free operation;
Suitable as platform for control research and education.

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